At Ricochet, we provide independent artists with a dedicated and inclusive physical platform to meet like-minded individuals, build their network, expand their knowledge and most of all thrive.

We understand that while London might still be one of the most inspiring cities in terms of creativity and opportunity, the cost of living and the reality of the creative industries can often be soul-crushing.

Whether you’ve been to university, are self-taught, just arrived in the city, changed neighbourhood or are simply looking for a new challenge; we want Ricochet to be the place to bring you one step closer to your ambitions.


All of us creative workers understand the strains gentrification has had on the city and also on the many local communities that have had to find ways to adapt to the changes. Commuting around London to find like-minded individuals to connect with requires time and money, and so does finding places to rehearse, meet, exhibit or create. We're here to provide creative hubs around Hackney where both newcomers and existing communities get to connect, trade skills and learn to communicate through shared aspirations.

To achieve this community and really be a part of East London, we've created two distincts but connected series of events.

Free talks and workshops dedicated to the artists:
Inviting professionals from the creative industries, charity workers and experienced artists. The idea is to bring together artists and creatives to take part in workshops throughout the day where they meet people to discuss their work, get inspired and eventually create new connections to collaborate with.
We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to receive an art education, and even for those who do, some programmes don't include guidance into the creative industries and how to protect yourself as well as your work.

Building on the workshops, local artists are invited to curate a micro festival, encompassing live gigs and performances, visual arts exhibitions and any other relevant disciplines. Our aim is to put back art and creativity as one of the driving forces of East London by raising the awareness of local residents to the inspiring artistic creation happening in the borough.

Inès and Camille met a few years ago while studying the theories behind the Cultural and Creative industries and recently took part in the enterprise bootcamp at Bootstrap.

Logo by Claire Michel || Portraits by Laetitia Bocquet || Map of London by Studio Miousset

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If you'd like to get involved or just be kept informed of the latest updates, please get in touch!